Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gregory Wolfe and the Passion

I got my Passion of the Christ Definitive Edition DVD last week and going through the features I was surprised to see Greg Wolfe, editor of the IMAGE Journal, featured in a section on Christianity in art called Through The Ages. They didn't use many of his comments and while this section was a nice meditation on art history I would have loved to have seen Edward Knippers comment on this, particularly. Knippers's own work is raw, masculine and controversial. His grotesque Salome was inspiration for lyrics to the Vigilantes of Love song Welcome to Struggleville ("Salome she's undressed to the nines, Although a few pounds fatter. She's got Pavlov's bells on her ankles and wrists, She coming at you with her platter.") and his gigantic canvases of of a nude Jesus being whipped (above) or the crowning of thorns (below) could have been an inspiration for both scenes in the film, and a nice counterbalance to the pristine works of earlier times (and today's Christian bookstore art).

The short feature also included painter Alfonse Borysewicz, art historian Mitchell Merback, and artist Wayne Forte.

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