Sunday, January 12, 2003

The Common Review

Here we find E.O. Wilson, founder of sociobiology, in the throes of brain fever and nattering like an insufferable fool regarding the definition of philosophy and the extents of scientific inquiry:

Modern champions of science, however, increasingly emboldened by its triumphs, particularly in biology, have no such qualms about claiming the ground once occupied by religion. For Wilson, science is the via media to saving the planet from ecological extinction. He shares with [C.P.] Snow the Enlightenment belief that salvation will come from the triumph of the scientific method. He regards the humanities and the social sciences in their present incarnation as largely irrelevant mystifications of their subject matter. "Philosophy, the contemplation of the unknown, is a shrinking dominion," Wilson writes in Consilience. "We have the common goal of turning as much philosophy as possible into science."

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