Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Apple Color 1.5

For quite a while now I've had an interest in both film restoration and color grading. I think the restoration bug caught me when I saw Criterion's special edition of The Third Man and saw the stunning ways that they cleaned up this old film and made the viewing experience much more pleasurable. As far as color grading (also sometimes called correction or timing) I became aware of it when I watched the special features on the Se7en DVD and also when I saw O Brother, Where Are Thou? years later.

That brings me to discovering a few weeks ago that Apple now has a professional color grading application available in their Final Cut Studio suite. I have been going through the training available for it and it astonishes me that a program this powerful can be used on a home PC consumer platform. The exorbitantly expensive hardware-based solutions have been pushed out by the powerful software-based systems, that now allow consumers access to this technology. Color me amazed.

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