Saturday, June 02, 2007

From Achilles To Christ

I've often been enamored by good writers that are also good teachers. The best of these draw your interest to the subject by their knowledge, passion, and insight. One of these is Louis Markos of Houston Baptist University, who wrote the wonderful Lewis Agonistes: How C.S. Lewis Can Train Us To Wrestle With The Modern and Postmodern World. In that book he shows us a Lewis at home in the halls of reason as well as the ether of the numinous. The Teaching Company has also released two courses by him that I recommend to anyone interested in C.S. Lewis and literature: The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis and Plato to Postmodernism.

In August he has a new book coming out called From Achilles to Christ. You can read reviews and endorsements here and a chapter outline here. I will be reading it as soon as it is released.


Adam Walter said...

Very interesting. I still need to read Agonistes--I got started on it once, then got busy with something else. BTW, have you ever read Marion Montgomery? Someone recommended a book of his about Flannery O'Connor & the distinction she makes between intellectuals and elitists, The Trouble With You Innerleckchuls (title comes from a line in an O'Connor story). I've just started it, but it's very good.

Also, I saw Tony Kaye's new film. What a disappointment!

Brian said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has books that fade away not from lack of interest but circumstances. This happens mostly with library books for me who have due dates while the books I own sit by on shelves, waiting.

I have not heard of Montgomery. I will take a look though.