Monday, December 16, 2002


Political greenhorn Harry Belafonte speaks further of the sundry ways The Man is holding us all down and continues rounding up the usual suspects for the Hammer & Sickle team:

...the Bush administration is maintaining a policy "that doesn’t identify with the interests of the U.S. people." He added that the Sept. 11 events, "that sowed fear in their hearts," served the administration "to extend its imperialist, economic and political domination all over the planet. Many of my friends are journalists," added Belafonte, "and they tell me that there has never been as much censorship as now, and if they rebel then they will just lose their jobs. There are many reporters in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Colombia but censorship comes from the Pentagon, the National Security Agency, the Bush administration. The U.S. people don't know the truth."

[December 16, 2002]

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