Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I have been thinking about the esoteric twaddle a Marxist/socialist acquaintance of mine have spewed since I've known him and I thought I'd chronicle some of his greatest hits here. Pearls of wisdom, thrown before capitalist swine, from a progressive crank:

"No offense, but I believe ultimately that Dubya will spend many years in jail."

"The Impeachment train [for George W. Bush] is starting to move again. All the hate, ill-will and bad karma that fuels the GOP will come back to them and bite them on their ruby red rumps many times over."

"What failed system? Show me where there has been a true Socialist or Communist system on earth. Oh! I see you have been brought up to think that the former Soviet Union was a Communist nation. And what? China and Cuba too? No ‘fraid not! All these are aberrations of some twisted Capitalistic theory."

"Then we get Shrubby, first he STEALS the election (he was NOT elected by the people of this country)...In less than a year from that sad event, the economy sucks, massive unemployment throughout the land, people are being screwed left and right, corporate crime is at an all time high, we are in what is euphemistically called a “war” Wall Street is about to collapse, the dollar ain’t worth didums, the surplus is gone, the Government no longer satisfied on spying on our every move now wants my neighbor to become a rat, The Bill of Rights is being held hostage, our civil liberties are being threatened, the FBI/CIA has carte blanche in gathering information about you, book stores and libraries are under siege, people are being held in prison without due process, torture is allowed and recommended. We have pissed on our neighbors, spit on our allies and rewarded our enemies."

"...you should be able to understand that the Soviet Union collapsed all by itself for a myriad of reasons, the basic being that it was not a Communist nation but a Totalitarian one that was choking the intellectual freedom of it's people. What killed The Soviet Union was the computer."

"If my wife and I decided to have an abortion that would be a decision that we would not only make, but one that WE would have to live with. It is no more your right to interfere with this process than it would be for me to poke my nose into your personal affairs. It doesn’t matter if I think it suffers or not, whether it is murder or not, that this decision is really a very personal and intimate one and should be left entirely to the couple to decide. I believe that it is not within the jurisdiction of any government, church or outside agency to interfere in this very private decision. But I believe in the inherent right to have this choice."

"Israel [should] cease its inhuman occupation of this land. The death ratio among civilians is something like 4 to 1 in favor of the Israeli. Israel is hell bent on genocide and the Palestinians are fighting back with the only weapons they possess. This is how far Israel has pushed these unfortunate people. Stop aid to Israel. NOW"

"When they told Hunter S. Thompson that Nixon was dead, he shouted “Sick pins in it! Make sure IT is dead!” That’s about how I feel. One less monstrous member of the GOP on earth."

"Conservatives mistrust the “intellectual” the most"

"I am a firm believer that ART is essentially Marxist by its very nature."

"While idiots like you wax on about debates and proving to their own addled brains how bright they are, real people suffer. I hope Christ kicks your ass real good one day for your supposed “Christian” ways."

"Sure I believe in absolute truth, it's just that your absolute truth and my absolute truth aren't necessarily the same."

"'Everytime a Republican dies a gay angel gets his wings!'"

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